Overnight Parking Form
Capital Gateway - Overnight Parking Form
6700 Rockledge Drive , Bethesda, MD 20817
The following information is required for leaving your vehicle overnight in either the 6700 or 6710 parking garage. Overnight parking is authorized only for specific business reasons. All vehicles left overnight must be registered with the Property Management Office. Vehicles that are not registered are subject to towing.

Please note that the Management of 6700/6710 Rockledge Drive only provides access control to the common areas of the parking garage and does not assume any responsibility for security of your vehicle or its contents.

Please fill out all sections completely. Forms that are not completed fully will not be accepted. Return completed form to the Property Management Office (phone (301) 493-5585) located in 6700, A-Wing, Cellar Level.

Employee Name *
Access Card Number *
Company Name *
Dates the Vehicle Will be Parked in the Garage
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Location Where the Vehicle will be Parked 6700 Garage 6710 Garage
Work Phone Number *
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I understand and acknowledge by signature that the Management of 6700/6710 Rockledge Drive shall not be responsible for lost or stolen property and/or damage to my vehicle regardless of whether such lost or damage occurs on the premises.